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Daniel Haynes and the Sealy Mattress

Daniel Haynes (1828-1913)
Daniel Haynes came to the new railroad town of Sealy, Texas in 1881.
In 1885 he invented a process and a machine to manufacture a felted cotton, non-tufted mattress. Trademarked under the Haynes name, the mattresses were sold throughout the Southern United States and soon became associated with the name Sealy.

In 1906 Haynes sold his patents to a group of men who formed their own company and adopted the name Sealy. Haynes opened a new mattress factory in 1909, on a new site, under the Haynes name. It remained in operation after his death, maintaining its reputation as one of Sealy's primary industries until 1976.

The best known patent developed by Daniel Haynes eventually became the "World Famous Sealy Mattress®". 


Daniel Haynes


Daniel Haynes home

Daniel Haynes built this beautiful two story cypress wood home in 1909.

The September 3, 1909 Sealy Weekly News states that this was "one of seven (two-story) homes and a total of sixty-five built in town and the farming district of Sealy this year."


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